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Marchesi Antinori

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Marchesi Antinori Palazzo Antinori

Ageing cellars of Tenuta Tignanello
The Palazzo Antinori is the one of the most beautiful examples of Florentine environmental architecture of the 15th century. Constructed between 1461 and 1466 by Guiliano de Maiano, the palace was bought in 1506 by Niccolò Tommaso Antinori for 4000 Big Florins.
The families Antinori were already inhabitants of Florence since the beginning of the 13th century. They were originating from Calenzano, a small town situated between Florence and Prato, where the archives testify of their presence since 1188.
This family of merchants had rejoined the Guild of the Silk in 1285, and then had adhered to the Guild of the Bankers. They also produced and sold wine, which became progressively their principal activity.
Francesco Repeat, scholar and man of eminent letters, boasted their wines in a current poem entitled Bacco in Toscana: « Là d’Antinoro in su quelli colli alteri… un mosto si puri che ne’ vetri zampilla, salta, spumeggia et brilla ! » ("On these high hills of Antinori… a moût so pure that only in a glass it gushes, jumps, crackles and gleams!")
In 1898, a series of the different domains were transformed in modern business, extremely organized by the two sons of the Marchese Niccolò, direct descendants of the Marchese Niccolò who had obtained the Palazzo Antinori in 1506 and along with the production of high quality wines.
Twenty-six generations later, the Antinori-tradition always is still very vivid, under the supervision of the charismatic Piero Antinori.
The properties of Antinori in Tuscany and in Umbria considerably enlarged gradually during the last fifty years and adopted multiple technical innovations regarding viticulture and of wine-making.
Ever since the last five centuries, the Palazzo Antinori has been a symbol of wine-growing according to the old tradition and family history, and the name Antinori is almost a symbol of a guarantee for better quality one can find. Practically all that is done Antinori is very good, to all different price-levels.
Well understood, all this wouldn’t find its graceful direction if it wasn’t for the extraordinary engagement, the energy, the passion and the creativity of the current owner, Marchese Piero Antinori, one of the authentic "chic types" of the wine-growing commerce.
An innovator turned towards the future, healthily respecting tradition without being enslaved by it, Piero Antinori, much like Angelo Gaja in Piemonte, is one of the fathers of the modern quality revolution of the wines of Italy.

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