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Bodegas Chivite Pago de Arinzano

Most wine books state that the Marquis of Murrieta ( 1852) and the Marquis of Riscal (1858) were the very first wine growers in Spain. However, the Chivite family was, even then, already occupied for more than 2 centuries with viticulture. Although not in the Rioja, but in Navarre. The first document after all, dates back to August 1647, where Juan chivite Frías and his sister-in-law Maria Rubio borrowed 100 Ducats to be able to buy some land with vineyards. After eleven generations, each passed on from father to son, this wonderful estate is managed today by the 4 children of Julian Chivite: Mercedes, Julián, Carlos and Fernando.

They achieved worldly fame when Julian Marco Chivite, who gave the Bodega its name, managed the estate in 1948. He swore to only make wines of a superior quality. His approach, both in the vineyards and in the cellars, was quickly and easily noticeable. In 1967 the DO Navarre was established, of which Julian Chivite was founding member. In 1980, he received a well deserved recognition by means of a special tribute for his enormous contribution to the Spanish wines in the 20th century. Finally, he received in 1992 the “Repartimiento de la Orden del Mérito Agrario” from the King of Spain. A year after his death, in 1998, Bodegas Julian Chivite was one of the five founding members of the Foundation for Wine and Culture. They share this honor, in conjunction with Codorníu Winery, La Rioja Alta, Marques de Riscal and the Vega Sicilia.

Chivite Winery In addition to all of these glorious acknowledgements, Bodegas Julian Chivite grew to be a great empire, by buying new grounds in Navarre and in Rioja. It was in 1988 that the domain “Señoria de Arínzano” was purchased, a 150 hectares of vineyards. 10 years later the most modern wine cellar of Spain was build here in order to produce unique wines of superior quality. This was confirmed when 50 hectares where classified as DO Pago. With this appointment, they were the 5th DO Pago of Spain and so far the only not in La Mancha situated Bodegas. The result of this great investment you can discover in their superb Arínzano wines.

Since the introduction of the Gran Feudo Rosado in 1981, everything in Cintruénigo was retuned to quality. In 1988 the cellars where fully transformed into State-of-the-art wine cellars, equipped for the most advanced and modern winemaking techniques. Thanks to this investment the demand for their wines grew importantly, both nationally and internationally. In 1995 Bodegas Julian Chivite alone was responsible for not less than 80% of the total export of the DO Navarre wines. As a result, they bought in 1999 160ha of the Granja de Legardeta situated vines, to able to satisfy the growing demand.
Today, the Gran Feudo wines cover fruity white wine made from 100% Chardonnay grapes, a fresh Rosé of 100% Garnacha and a Crianza, Reserva, Viñas Viejas Reserva eachbeing a blend of Tempranillo, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Finally, there is also a small production of sweet wine, the Dulce Moscatel, which stems from the rare Moscatel Gran Menudo grapes.

Shortly after the Millennium some vineyards were purchased in Ribera del Duero and Rueda. In Ribera del Duero 60ha of the best vineyards have been planted with Tinto Fino, also known as Tempranillo.
In Rueda the vineyards were planted with the Verdejo grape, which is widely used in the whole of the DO. Although this variety finds its origin in North Africa, it was traced back to the 11th century in the surrounding areas of Valladolid. Fernando Chivite, the current technical director, immediately decided to use the most modern techniques and to harvest the grapes at night. This in order to preserve the fresh and fruity nature of the Verdejo grape. This unique result will be marketed under the Baluarte label.

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Spanish Wines >> Navarre
Restaurant Retail Consumer
White Coleccion 125 Chardonnay 0.75L 2017 CB3 GP 99 27.70 € 30.45 € 35.95 € bottles
Red Coleccion 125 Reserva 0.75L 2014 CB3 19.95 € 21.95 € 25.87 € bottles
Rosé Las Fincas Rosado 0.75L 2020 CB6 8.60 € 9.45 € 11.16 € bottles
White Legardeta Chardonnay 0.75L 2020 CB6 8.30 € 9.15 € 10.70 € bottles

Spanish Wines >> Rioja
Restaurant Retail Consumer
Red Crianza 0.75L 2017 CB6 6.10 € 6.70 € 7.85 € bottles
Red Reserva 0.75L 2016 CB6 8.80 € 9.70 € 11.40 € bottles

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